About #GNM

The goal of GNM is to empower women who love music by sharing musical talents from a wide range of genres. To provide a platform not just for those who like music but for those who appreciate music. To build a community of people who want to share music with each other!

GNM also specifically propels music that has feeling, we believe music is all about feeling and how it makes you feel, whether it’s a songwriter’s lyrics about a post break-up, a Jazz band’s instrumentals that gives you some escapism or a producer’s hypnotic electronic synths that takes you to another realm. We always champion artists, that we believe, creates music that makes people feel a certain way.

GNM founder, Maya Gough:

‘Before GNM, I found myself lurching to find other women who liked the same music as me….I have many male friends who like the same artists & DJs as me but for some reason I was lacking in female friends who did; so that’s why I created GNM, as I wanted to create a platform where I could share and connect with other women who have a similar music taste.’