Amaarae - The Angel You Don't Know



(AlTE, R&B , SOUTHERN RAP) -  18.02.21

Amaarae knows just how to push our buttons. The Ghanaian- American artist hailing from New York and currently based out of Accra, has splashed on the Alté scene as a singer, songwriter, producer and engineer with her multifaceted talents and breakthrough album, The Angel You Don’t Know.

Oozing with innovation, the 2020 release sees Amaarae draw on her multicultural upbringing and playful personality which informs her unique style, as she effortlessly glides from pop to rock and back again across the debut body of work. It’s no question that she wants you to have a good time with her, coining the album as ‘non-stop affirmations and incantations 4 bad bitches’, even down to her playful break of the 4th wall, as she answers her phone on track ‘Céline’.

Taking a trip with Amaarae through her genre bending wonderland of The Angel You Don’t Know is a treat in itself. Pair this journey with her aquatic, whispered vocal performance, impressively tight production, and insanely catchy hooks, it’s no wonder it’s captured the imagination and struck such a chord with tastemakers and fans alike.



Amaarae explains to Okay Africa that ‘with this new project, this new chapter in my musical journey, I feel so incredibly alive. I strived to colour outside of the afro-pop parameters and re-define for myself what it means to create African music’. There is no doubt that The Angel You Don’t Know is a defining moment in Amaarae’s career, self-exploration and solidifies her place within the global alternative scene. The album has taken on a life of its own from her spinetingling COLORS Studio session performing Leave Me Alone, as well as bagging a nomination for Best Alternative Artist in the 2021 MTV Africa Music Awards.

Beyond her music, Amaraae is a doing more with her platform than your average artist. As well as penning op-eds and short stories for Okay Africa, she is a prolific voice and activist for young African women and womxn across the music industry as a whole, inspiring a new wave of artists with her non-conformist approach to societal expectations. Endearingly referred to as The Warrior Princess by her fanbase, stemming from her given name Ama Serwah which translates to woman of war, Amaraae is leading the charge to promote individuality and shaking off stereotypes in her inimitable style.