Tiara Thomas interview with Billboard about her new album ‘FWMM’ and why she doesn’t put a label on her sexuality

Tiara Thomas is an American singer-songwriter that has recently released her new album ‘FWMM.’ Alongside this, she was interviewed by the American media company, Billboard in regards to the release of the new album.

What stood out to me about this interview; is how up-front she was to the interviewer, when she was questioned about why she chose a ‘female love-interest’ in her video for ‘I Need.’

She replied in an innocent but calculatingly manner ‘What about it?’ but too right she can. Why should an artist, whether female or male, have to be questioned about their sexual orientation. You don’t see a female being questioned when she has a male in a music video; so why should it be, for the same-sex?

‘I just think a lot of stuff in society's just really made up, like labels and stuff that they put on people. They're made up. Somebody, one human one day was just like, "Oh. We should call this, this," and that's what it is. I feel like I'm more complex than that.’ – Tiara Thomas
She also spoke about how new EP ‘FWMM’ stands for ‘Fucking With My Mind.’  

‘I live in my head a lot and I overanalyse stuff. Whether it's about something that's fuckin' my mind in a good way or a bad way, I obsess over stuff. ‘ – Tiara Thomas

I have found myself to be invested in this album as I am also someone who also overanalyses situations and so, I can definitely relate to her and feel invested in her music. Even if you don’t associate yourself as this type of person, knowing the agenda behind an artist’s music can make you feel more connected to them and their work.