Elder Island -
‘The Omnitone Collection’ 

By Maya Gough 

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Elder Island’s new album, ‘The Omnitone Collection’ certainly strikes the right balance between electronic synths and groove that will get your head bopping.  It has been two years since the Bristol-based band released their successful ‘Seeds in Sand’ album, and there was a feeling of anticipation about whether the 3-piece band were going to deliver on this new album.

Due to the sporadic releases of tracks: ‘I Fold You’ and ‘You & I,’ I had an inkling that this new album was going to exceed expectations.

The album starts off with ‘Stranger Exchange,’ which predominantly consists of a slow crescendo building up to an uproar of powerful electronic synths, and strong vocals by lead singer Katy.

Following this dramatic opening, it then advances to the contrasting, yet complementing bouncy electronic grooves of ‘You and I.’ With catchy repetitive lyrics throughout the song, you’ll be singing the lyrics unknowingly!  

‘Don’t Lose’ and ‘I Fold You’ are also my favourites. With ‘Don’t Lose’ mainly incorporating guitar playing and less electronic synths, the song is lighter and brings a more uplifting feel to the album. While ‘I Fold You’ has more of a similar vibe to ‘Stranger Exchange,’ featuring a snippet of Katy’s beautiful cello playing.

The album then ends with a more subdued ‘Find Greatness in the Small,’ which includes an assortment of different sounds and serene vocals by Katy.

For me, Elder Island have got it perfect with this new EP – not only does every song complement each other, there are some real showstoppers which can be rare to see. ‘The Omnitone Collection’ is definitely one of my go-to albums to listen to this year!

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