FKA twigs - ‘MAGDALENE’ Interview by Zane Lowe



As an individual whose profession considerably involves being in the public eye; FKA twigs has always been one to shun away from the limelight, and been more private about her personal life. So this filmed interview with New Zealand presenter, Zane Lowe caught my attention - I was definitely intrigued to find out who FKA twigs was and who was behind that mysterious exterior of hers. 

Unsuprisingly she is quite timid at the beginning of the interview, softly speaking with her British accent, living up to my initial potrayal of her as this inhumane individual. However, as the interview progresses, she starts to relax more, showcasing her cute infectious giggle, as she shares a fun story about her time at Cannes Film Festival, and how she met her friend Chloe, who introduced her to one of her now favourite activities, the chinese martial art, Wushu, which she sometimes showcases on her social media.

She also reflects on what she is like socially to Zane, describing herself as someone who can be the ‘biggest joker’ in the room, making silly impressions and jokes, but can also so easily drift off into her own world when she is in the presence of other people. As the interview goes on, and meatier questions are asked; you also begin to see the deeper and more emotional side of her, as she shares some raw truths about heartbreak, vulnerability and individal discovery. 

‘showing people your heart when it is raw, it’s vulnerable’ 

I find her ability to speak so openly about these sensitve subjects in such a public way, especially as an individual who is known to be quite private - as extremely inspiring. It certainly made made me feel more connected to FKA twigs as an artist and a person. She also talks about the major operation that she went through last year, and how she was only on set 5 weeks later, doing a shoot in LA, which is pretty astonishing. 

My perception of FKA twigs has certainly changed from watching this interview; I have always been a fan of her music and her uniqueness but I never felt fully connected with her an artist, and maybe that was due to my lack of knowledge of who she was? However, I can undoubtedly say now, that FKA twigs is a strong, determined indivdual that has put hardwork, and dedication to achieve the artistry that she now embodies; she has natural talent and creative flare, an emotional soul that gets lost in the present but creates fascination in her music.