Lapalux - Amnioverse    

(Album review : electronic, experimental)

An album filled with acidy electronic breakbeats cut with some tranquil ambient tracks. 

Lapulax is known for his wonky, glitchy beats but this new album showcases an edgier side to the producer, with acidy breakbeat tracks that you could expect electronic DJs to play at club nights. Tracks such as Voltaic Acid, Momentine, The Lux Quadrant and Amnioverse are more dance tracks, containing components of acid and tech. Though this album is not completely unrecogniseable, there are still elements of his style that you can hear, and he still uses his routinal synthy vocals over his electronic instrumentals.

I’m a particular fan of Lilia’s vocals in ‘Limb To Limb’ which is the eighth track in this album. This song is definitely the most captivating and melodic with Lilia’s vocals taking centre stage. JFDR is another singer who features in two tracks but presents more softly spoken vocals which are sporadic in places. Although the vocals may not seem as the main focus-point for some of the tracks; apparently, he based each of the track in this album around a snippet of spoken word from “friends, lovers, and ex partners”, and then built the music around it. This is extremely fascinating, and it solidifies how talented Lapalux (aka Stuart Howard) is as a producer and an artist. His ability to layer-on tracks with synths and sounds that disguises his main reference points, and produce complete songs from them.