Anthony Blaize - Roseanne 


East London singer songwriter, Anthony Blaize, not only captured my heart but the heart of the whole audience, when he sang at Colours hoxton a few months back as a supporting act for Rachel Foxx. 

‘I knew I wanted to talk about my failed relationship with a very special person, but I was looking for the envelope in which to send it out to the world.’

Particularly his song ‘Roseanne’ struck a chord, not only did he sing this song beautifully and with so much raw emotion but the actual lyrics of this song is what I connected with, and I could tell there was so much meaning, and real life emotions that had gone into this love-song. 

So here’s a brief description written personally by Anthony about his track ‘Roseanne,’ and the pursuit of this song:

Anthony : I once ran a wikipedia search for the highest selling singles of all time, and whilst I was suprised by so many familiar entries, I noticed something else. It appeared that sad love songs were more popular than your lovey dovey happy go lucky all’s well that ends well, happily ever after ridims .

It wasn’t that I was trying to be famous , not that fame is bad, or even trying to source a tactic or ploy to use with my songwriting, I was looking for permission to be myself . I needed external stimuli to help so as we all do in this generation we stroll over to the only friend we rarely know we have.....Google!

I knew I wanted to talk about my failed relationship with a very special person, but I was looking for the envelope in which to send it out to the world. So the record books was to show me how those greats did it, and what happened when they did. I found no solace that day.

Solace came in the form of a Bill Withers documentary ‘Still Bill.’ Mr Wither spoke about songwriting, and how it was an honest thing. He made me believe that rhyme and a catchy melody can be subject to truth. Simply telling my truth about a failed love still weighing heavy on my heart was the only way out of the funk I was feeling. I've heard that days before an artist writes a magical song, he or she is haunted first by a feeling , a heaviness and in the moment where the song begins to form in their mind and the spirit thing finally gets lighter.

After watching the documentry, I took to my guitar in my 'heavy' state, and began playing. It was different this time. I was fixed there for hours... just playing the same three notes I had for days. The words finally started coming . I knew I had to write a song about her. I just didn’t know how.... I let go of rhyme and reason and just tried to tell the truth; that I was suppose to spend the rest of my life with this girl, and that I was ashamed everyone’s favourite couple was no more, and I was to blame, that my heart was broken by my insistance that we break up. I was fixed on what everyone would say, what everyone was already saying. Seeing people forcing themsleves from asking me how she was or any other relatable awakward questions. The conversations we never had, that I was too young and unworthy for love. That I missed her, but I knew we needed distance.

Roseanne was about someone who I once shared my time , space and life with, and while we are no longer friends , I will always wish her well in love and in life . Her hame was Joanne .

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Written by Maya Gough
(GNM founder)