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TOKiMONSTA aka Jennifer Lee is a music producer and DJ from L.A. Lee is recognised for her downbeat electronic music that incorporates an array of experimental sounds and hiphop beats. Nonetheless, she has collaborated with several artists such as : Anderson Paak, SAINTS, MNDR and Selah Sue, which represents the extensive genres that she displays in her music. 

Lee was also the first female artist to be signed on to the record label Brainfeeder, which was founded by the alternative jazz and hiphop artist, Flying Lotus. However, her most recent album’s such as: Lune Rouge and Fovere showcase more of her pop compositions. To experience her more experimental alternative music, you should venture back to her original tracks, which can be found in her earlier albums such as : Cosmic Intoxication, which is one of our favourites, as well as Midnight Menu and Creature Dreams.  (you can find the Cosmic Intoxication album on spotify at the bottom of the page ︎)

Yet, Jennifer’s music career was put unhold in the year 2015; when she was diagnosed with the rare disease, Moyamoya and had to have major surgery. Following these surgical procedures, she had lost all of her ability to talk, to understand speech and her music coherency was gone. To find out more about how the electronic producer dealt with this life-changing experience, and about herself as an artist; theYoutube channel Great Big Story produced a mini-documentary featuring Jennifer Lee called : ‘Losing And Finding Music After Brain Surgery.  (a copy of the documentary is provided directly below ︎) 

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Cosmic Intoxication album released in 2010:        

  Newest single ‘Dream Chorus’ 2019 :


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