UMI - Introspection 

(Album review : R&B, soul)


American singer, songwriter UMI, has excitedly shared with the world three tracks from her upcoming album, Introspection.  Introspection conveys a deep and philosophical message of “looking within,” to better understand how our mind works so we don’t let our emotions and mind get the best of us : “it’s all in my mind, it’s only emotion” (lyrics from “Introspection”). A message, which many who deal with anxiety and mental health issues may relate to. However; I think we should all be taking on UMI’s advice, particularly in the certain circumstance we find ourselves in - with more free time on our hands and less distractions from normal life activities such as, busy social lives and demanding jobs, we should use this time to self-analyse and

UMI stated that“now more than ever, we are being asked to go within. I created this project with the intention to evoke introspection, both in myself and in the listener.”

                    Pictures: artwork shared by UMI on her Instagram ︎:

Being only 20 years old, UMI portrays a sense of maturity beyond her years as she talks about issues such as race, identity and self-love through her music. Topics that I’m sure many in this millennial generation can resonate with, and may use her music as a source of escapism & understanding. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the root to UMI’s ever-growing listeners, alongside her silky smooth vocals, of course. Anyhow, I think big things are coming for this young musical activist so watch out because we will be too. 

The rest of Introspection will be released on June 21st.

Umi has also released a music video for “Introspection”. 

Listen to Introspection below:

Written by GNM Founder, Maya Gough