Ylang Ylang

(official GIRLSNEEDMUSIC blog post)


Video Of the Month goes to FKJ -  aka Vincent Fenton for the music video for his new release ‘Ylang Ylang’ which comes under his new album that is also called ‘Ylang Ylang.’

From what Vincent has stated on his social media; ‘Ylang, Ylang’ is named after the ‘room’ where he produced all the tracks for this new album. This so-called ‘room’ can be seen at the start, and at the end of the music video, with him playing the piano in both scenes.

The cinematography for this music video is just
‘breathtakingly stunning.’

There are clips of Fenton playing in some spectacular surroundings - there is one scene where he is playing the piano in a bed of lush greenery and cultivated fields with a beautiful mountainous backdrop; and in another - in an isolated beach just as dusk was falling, with a slight pink gracing the sky.

I also love how this music video projects both this feeling of coldness, and warmth by incorporating this timely concept of dusk till dawn. You see at the beginning Vincent playing the piano in the ‘room’ at dusk, with an oceanic overcast in the background, and only a slight bit of warmth from the small lamp sitting on the piano - and this feeling of coldness then continues into the deep blue ocean until it transpires to dawn - when the sun rises, and the warm green colour of chartreuse comes alive from the reflection of the sun onto the vegetation.

This use of coldness is also perfect for these winter months that we are currently hibernating in; it makes you just want to cuddle up in your duvet in your comfiest PJ’s but at the same time; it is also equally an escapism with it’s beautiful landscapes and clips of the ocean that you can get lost in.

Watch the full video for Ylang Ylang - FKJ below: 

Link for full album on spotify :